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Sweet Success Story | Maximizing your Revenue with Angie Patterson

December 18, 2022 Shannon "The Sugar Mama" O'Brien Episode 61
The Sugar Show
Sweet Success Story | Maximizing your Revenue with Angie Patterson
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I really, really love bringing on guests for the Sweet Success™️ series that will maybe show you a different way to think about success, and today Angie Patterson is here to shine a spotlight on her own brand of success.

Angie went from front desk to call center manager to IT manager to HR/Operations manager of three locations in 6 years - needless to say she wore A LOT of hats! But she truly found her calling when the sugar gods came knocking and since then has hyper-focused her business to become known as the Brazillian expert while doubling her income.

Whether you’re still in school or a seasoned esthetician beginning your sugar journey, I bet there’s a part of Angie’s story that you can connect with!


  • Why sugaring is a journey - not a destination!
  • How to move the needle if you’re feeling stuck in your career.
  • The secret to doubling you’re revenue by doubling down on one specialty!

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Cheers to your Sweet Success!

Shannon O'Brien  00:01

Welcome to The Sugar Show. I'm Shannon O'Brien, body Sugaring expert and licensed esthetician who has taken my own skincare business from zero to multiple six figures and has helped over 3000 students learn how to do the same. Now, let me tell you it wasn't all that long ago that I lacked the time budget and knowledge needed to grow my small business as a body Sugaring Pro. If we were to press rewind, you'd see the many failed attempts and lessons learned that have helped me build the profitable business that I have today. When that runs on its own, it gives me the lifestyle and freedom that I only used to dream of. I created The Sugar Show to hand you my secrets and give you the simple step by step strategies to help you do the same. So if you're a cosmetologist or esthetician or wax professional, who's looking to fill your books, make more money in your business and enjoy greater balance between your work and home life. You are in the right place. Let's dive in.

Shannon O'Brien  01:12

Welcome back to this episode of The Sugar Show. I really really love bringing on guests for the sweet success series that will maybe show you a different way to think about success. And Angie Patterson is here with us today, she is going to be helping you to understand what her version of success really

Shannon O'Brien  01:39

I absolutely love interviewing amazing Sugaring professionals for this sweet success series. It's like I love interviewing the Guru's I, of course, have something to say in my solo education. But when I can interview people that are killing it in this industry, it's like the best part of my job hands down. It is It fills my cup. I'm hoping that it fills yours and audience, I hope that it feels yours as well, because meeting folks like Angie, who you will meet in a moment, really, truly is like the coolest part of the job. And she's all the way on the East Coast, and I'm on the West Coast. And so, Angie, welcome to the show.

Angie Patterson  02:22

Thank you. So happy to be here.

Shannon O'Brien  02:23

Finally, I know finally, you know, sometimes we plan these podcasts audience. And if for whatever reason whether sickness or kids or dogs in life happens. And it might be a few months later a few weeks later that we actually get to record. So you know, it's all a part of the journey and part of life. So I'm glad that we are able to make this happen now. So yes, welcome to the show. And what we really like to do in these success stories is take you all on a journey of where she started, and what's next and what's going on. So, Angie, if you could start us from the very, very, very beginning. And help us to understand like who was Angie pre esthetics school, like what made you even think about going to esthetics school? Tell us that story.

Angie Patterson  03:15

Okay, well, yeah, way back when I was about 22 or so, I just needed a job like a lot of people. And I thought it'd be fun to work at a day spa to get some free treatments. So I started there, and there was a front desk and we also had a little call center. So I would toggle between the two in the same building. And just kind of learned the business that way it was it was a lot more stressful than I thought I thought a day spa would be very serene and chill relaxing for all. But no, no, I remember my boss she's like it's like a beautiful swan you see floating on the water. And you don't see their little feet going crazy underneath like to keep that beautiful salon moving. That's a great analogy. Yeah, so that's how it was for sure. It was both serene and stressful at the same time.

Angie Patterson  04:07

But I learned a lot I learned a lot of customer service. And I just went through kind of the top of as high as I could get in the company just doing front desk I got I did that. And I thought about leaving and going back to college and finishing my degree but when I told the owner that she she's like well hold on and then they offered me this like an IT position. So I I took over all the IT stuff.

Shannon O'Brien  04:39

Is that what your major was in college?

Angie Patterson  04:42

No, um, I will I did the audio engineering before before this job. So I knew I knew how to work audio gear and it was similar. Just my brain liked it. I just had an aptitude for it I guess for with software and everything and fixing printers. So I took that off of the owner's husband's shoulders, and he was very, very happy about that.

Angie Patterson  05:07

So I did that, then it kind of morphed into a HR position Operations Manager. So that was my first six years, there was kind of we had three locations, and it was 100 employees and doing payroll, and, you know, all of the business he part of running a spa. So that was invaluable, you know, once I did end up going on my own, it's just to kind of know how all of that works. And knowing what I liked and what I didn't like about being an owner, you know, or, or having employees or not. And so that's kind of why I've decided to, to go a little bit more towards the just staying solo. It's so valuable. I really think that everyone, so if you're a beauty school student, think about this, or somebody who's thinking about going into the career, I think it's really valuable to work somewhere first, and answer the phones and see the behind the scenes and fold the towels. See what it takes like, like the little feet underneath the water of the duck, right? And really understand what it takes to run one of these places. So that when you work for one of these places, as an esthetician you have a deeper appreciation for what it takes and what it takes to be solo. Right. And the benefits. I think there's benefit. There's pros and cons for both for sure. So I'm glad you got six years. It's incredible to that you took six years to really dive in the back end. I mean, it was like It's like getting your master's degree and yeah, spa operations, right? Yeah. Okay, so you're, you're heading the in the six years, and when did things start to shift, um, I decided I had gotten married, like a year or two before, and we were ready to have kids. And I was like, I am working, you know, 60 plus hours a week and bringing work home on top of that.

Angie Patterson  06:56

And so, I was doing payroll, and I was seeing what everybody was getting paid. And I was like, hmm, I could be an esthetician and make the same if not more money in half the time with no work. So that's when I decided to go to esthetics school. So I stepped down from my operations role and went into like an assistant spa manager role while I was in school, and, and then when I finished school, I knew I had it. I was unique, because I knew I had a job waiting for me where I worked. So that was nice to just have that. Real, you know, it was a Sherlock she was gonna hire me as long as I could pass her test. And so the last six years at that SPA was as an esthetician, so I was there. 12 years total.

Shannon O'Brien  07:46

That's impressive. Yeah. Because a lot of people bounced around from place to place. So the fact that you were just so loyal was is super impressive. So you were there doing facials? waxing? Okay. All right. Okay, all no

Angie Patterson  08:02

sugar, no sugar yet? No sugar yet? No. Hey, at what point did you hear and learn about sugar. One of my clients came in and she had sugared before in DC, I think and maybe in Key West. So she a couple of times she'd had it done. And she was just like, it's so much better. It's less painful, it lasts longer. She just went on and on about how awesome it was. And just, she had me intrigued. I had never heard of it before. And so she's she was like, I'll pay for you to learn. And I was like, No, you don't have to pay for me to learn. But I appreciate that. But the first class I could find was Jessica's, which was three months away. Yeah. And that was six hours away from my house. And so I was like, Okay, if Sugaring is that much better, I'm gonna just grow everything out for three months. And I want to see if this is as good as they say. It was like, after my class, I was like, Jessica, or at the end, I was like, Is there any way you could do my, my Brazilian, because I just I really want to know if this is that much better. Because I in the back of my mind, I was like, maybe this is what I could do to go out on my own. Because I knew I was kind of wanting to do that with kids. It was getting hard to have somebody else in control of your schedule and having to work around holidays. And you know, being a mom was kind of my number one and it was just like, maybe this is my ticket. You know, maybe this is my ticket to the life I want. It took you know, after the class, I was still working at the spa two more years. So I didn't really get a chance to practice all that much. Until it was kind of a crash course when I decided okay, I'm ready and some very A loyal clients let me practice on them. And it was great because they knew my expert waxing. And they could give me really valuable feedback on Sugaring. And all of them preferred my mediocre Sugaring to my expert waxing, they're like, my skin likes it better, it's less painful. So when I when I knew that, and I could trust their feedback, I knew I was like, This is it? This is what I want to do.

Shannon O'Brien  10:27

Yeah. So that's when you pulled the trigger. So did you go directly to just a one room place? Did you did you try to bring sugar in at the spa?

Angie Patterson  10:36

We? Well, Mabel had tried earlier. And I knew that she wasn't successful. And the owner typically likes to just, you know, she likes how she likes it. And I get that too. So I didn't try that hard. And plus, I didn't want it to be like a competition type of a thing. And so I decided to when I did go out on my own, I was in the town, you know, town, one town over just to kind of have some distance from where I worked, because we had a non compete kind of a situation. So And where were you located at the time I was in. The SPA was in Raleigh, and I opened up in Cary, which is the one town over. So I just rented a Salon Suite by myself. And do you remember signing the lease? Yes, it was felt terrifying. Terrifying. Yes. Because I was like, I don't know if I can make this much money in a weird way. I was like, wait, you want this a week? This isn't a month. This is a week? Yeah, that first year was definitely just a break even. Yeah. And that was fine. I was wasn't expecting to make much money. Because my girls were little and that was it was just kind of my husband was able to make enough for us to be okay. It was tight. But he could do that. So I didn't feel that pressure of like, I must pay my bills with this immediately. Yeah. So I was able to build clients that way, not not freak out too much. But after that, I found another former coworker from the same. It's so weird, the small worldliness of everybody from the spot where I worked with Mabel, you know, Mabel working there, and but she needed to share a room this other one, and I was like, great. So that's when I actually started becoming profitable was because my rent was so much lower when I was sharing a space. Gotcha. Yeah. So I'd highly recommend that as an option. If you're part time to, you know, find somebody like minded find another mom, you know, and split the week, and you can really that can be the difference of being profitable or not.


Yeah, yeah. Okay,

Shannon O'Brien  12:40

so you get in your room, you're looking at empty books, you have a couple of clients that follow you over? And how did you build that business in the very, very beginning?

Angie Patterson  12:51

It's kind of crazy that I really never had to work at it. I mean, there was really nobody around, like, Michelle, that you had on The Sugar Show. She, there's just really not many of us in this area. And it wasn't hard once people, you know, heard about sugar, they were googling it. And if you have a decent website, you would pop up. And so that's kind of how I, I just kind of people just booked and I know it's not everybody's story, but I'm, I'm so blind know how blessed I am that. It I've really never had to spend a dime on advertising because of not because of my skill, but just because of sugars, popularity, that's growing

Shannon O'Brien  13:35

girl. I'm not gonna let you get away with that. It's because of your skill. Back then. Right, in the very beginning thing, I think that can I want to apologize to all of my, like, first few months of clients for any harm I


might have caused, right? Yes, you know, because you can still

Shannon O'Brien  13:54

hurt people with sugar if you're not doing it properly. And if you're timid or you take longer, or you know, right? Gosh, I can't even Yeah, but there is something to be said for like, I absolutely agree with you. Sugar is I mean, we rave about all the time I wouldn't have a whole podcast about it if we didn't love it. Right. But it really is your skill and your dedication to your craft and your personality. I would imagine your bedside manner people feel very safe with you.

Angie Patterson  14:20

Yeah, they, you know, they've mentioned that that's, that's kind of what I've tried. I've always wanted to help people and put them at ease. And I did that a lot with I handled all of the spa conflicts. So anytime somebody had a problem with the therapist, or with the front desk being you know, they're like, they had an attitude with me or anything like that. It ended up to me if it got escalated enough. And so I just I liked being I didn't like I wasn't scared of it. I liked being able to like calm people down in and you know, just kind of fix everything. So it's kind of ironic that I do I do cause people a lot of pain, you know, well, you know, It's all relative. But I want to. Yeah, it's almost like a therapy session for them. They say because they don't you know, we're not rushed. I think I mentioned that before. I don't want to be I was rushed at the spa. And that's not something I wanted to be when I went out on my own. And so I definitely scheduled more way more time than I need. But I've that has just really helped my stress level and helped me really connect with clients because I have time to do it.

Shannon O'Brien  15:28

So let's let's dive into that. Because so you in the beginning, you'll literally sugar, any parts someone will get naked for you like yes, legs, arms, underarms, see Brazilians booties, whatever, you'll share anything you can put your sugar on. Yeah. And then you got to a place where your books are really full. And I read in your bio that you decided to really narrow down so you're not doing facials at all? No, you're not doing facials at all, you're not doing any Microblading any brow, none of that. And you said you know what? I'm going to I'm going to shrink that down even tighter. How did you decide what body parts to eliminate?

Angie Patterson  16:08

Anything that I looked at my books and our dreaded, so when I started my business, I just at the spa, I knew I didn't like body treatments, they just weren't my thing. So I just never even put it on my menu. But then I started to recognize, you know, seeing other things tenting I just wasn't I didn't love doing it. But I knew how so I felt at the beginning I had to offer everything I knew how to do. But anything that I was just like, oh, you know, I just not looking forward to that one for whatever reason. I just chopped it off the menu and it got way down to just any kind of bikini and underarm and then now it's just Brazilian and and Under Armour if they want it, but that's all I offer. Really? Yeah.

Shannon O'Brien  16:56

No legs, no arms, no faces. Nothing. Nothing else. What do you do when someone says oh, can you do my brows? Quick? You refer them somewhere else?


Yeah. Haley, huh? Dang, girl. Okay, so, okay,

Shannon O'Brien  17:12

so now you're just doing bikinis, Brazilians under arms? How like, did you find that because you niche so tight. You actually expanded your, your, your following?

Angie Patterson  17:26

Yes. I think we're like I cut out bikinis and extended bikinis too. So I am just Brazilian. So

Shannon O'Brien  17:35

you have to take it all off. If you're going to Angie. Yeah.

Angie Patterson  17:38

Yeah. I mean, you can leave a little triangle if you're like, you don't want to be bald, but I'm not an artist. But yes, they. That's all I want to because I knew that. If I wanted to make more money and increase my revenue, I had to, I had to only offer my most profitable thing. And

Shannon O'Brien  18:00

so so let's talk about that for a minute. Yeah. For those that are new into this, or maybe thinking about adjusting their menus, if you think about a half hour audience, if you think about a half hour, what can you do inside of that half hour to make the most money in that half hour. It's very similar to when I first got out of college, I decided I was going to go work at a restaurant, I'd never done it. I thought it would be kind of fun. But I knew that I didn't want to spend my minutes putting cheap food down on the table. Because a $10 Burger would get me a $2 tip. Right. So I ended up going to Chef emeralds place and worked at the steakhouse with a plate that I sat down was $50. So instead of a $2 tip, I made a $10 tip off that plate. So that's what Angie is saying here, y'all she's saying, for a half an hour, you could do bikini, but that'll be let's make around. That'll be $30. Why not? In that same half an hour? Only do Brazilians per 60 bucks, you have now doubled your salary.

Angie Patterson  19:11

Yeah, and that's exactly what I did my salary doubled from 2020 to 2021. And it wasn't because of COVID at all, because I didn't I didn't lose any money due to COVID. And it literally doubled when I decided to only do resilience.

Shannon O'Brien  19:29

Yeah. Because you're taking that timeframe and maximizing. Now you and I both know if you take a half an hour on a client and you add a underarm then that's okay, but the base foundation of your service. That's brilliant.

Angie Patterson  19:47

Yeah. I wanted to create the life like the day that I wanted to have the life that I wanted to have. And I don't need to make six figures Even though I can, my stress level is more valuable to me than money and time with my family is more valuable to me. So what I decided to do was, okay, what do I need? What do I need, financially to have the life that I want to be with my kids to work part time to pay my bills. And it was, that's really, that's more important. Like, I figured out that number. And it's kind of fun to do it. I don't know if any of your listeners have done this before. But it's, it's so encouraging to just put a number out there, like something you think is crazy, like, I want to make 100 grand, you know, I want to make 100 grand a year, and work backwards from that. I was like, oh, that's what I did. I was I just picked 100 grand. And I was like, Okay, I'm gonna work probably 48 weeks a year. And so you just keep dividing that number down, and it ended up being like, $2,000 a week or something like that. And I was like, Okay, well, how many hours do I need to work to make $2,000 a week. And it's only 20 hours a week, to make 100 grand, because I bring in about $100 an hour doing Brazilians and, and I could bring in more, I could bring in double. But I don't want to book that back to back because I've had that life. And that is stresses me out. So I want to have that day like, of just, everything's fine. If they are a little bit late, I am fine. You know, any, if we need to talk about something, I have the time and I love that and my clients do to that they don't they they mentioned that, that they don't feel rushed. And I just want to encourage people to you may be somebody that really, really likes the like fast pace, and in and out. And that just works for you. But I want to encourage people to know that, like your clients will find you. So do what you love, and the clients that need that are going to be attracted to you. So I love taking my time with people. Now there are many clients that can't come to me because of you know, they need to be in and out in 15 minutes. And I totally get that. And there are plenty of places that can take them. So they're just not meant for me. And I'm just a person that believes that the clients that are supposed to come to Me will find me, it's worked out. So great. So that I just, I make enough money to pay my bills, and I could support us if I had to on 20 hours a week. And that blows my mind, you know, just doing resilience. And not even.

Shannon O'Brien  22:49

Can you clarify that? Because I think we may be skipped over kind of the important. So you book an hour of time for these people? Yes, you don't book and how much do they pay for that hour?

Angie Patterson  23:01

They pay my if it's not a maintenance Brazilian, it's $85. And if it's a maintenance, it's 75. And then with tip and retail factored in, and it averages out to be about 97 to $100 an hour. Yeah. Okay, so you get some of those people do under arm. So I try not to even consider under arm. I kind of think of that as a bonus. Yeah, yeah. Try not to factor that in. But when the underarms probably get it closer to $100 an hour.

Shannon O'Brien  23:32

Yeah. So you do one client for an hour for $100 Instead of churn and burn $50 $50 surfaces. Yeah, right. If you live in an upper in an upper class kind of area where they can't afford $100. Yes, yes. Okay. So that's really important for people to know.

Angie Patterson  23:50

Yes. in Raleigh, which is the capital and it's a up and coming area where I am located. So lots of lots of people that are that have plenty of money or are close by. Yeah.

Shannon O'Brien  24:03

Yeah. Because I think the audience is kind of thinking, Oh, my gosh, how can I do this? And I think you need to really understand audience that some areas, people won't pay $100, or some areas, they'll pay even more than that, you know. So be mindful of your market. Be mindful. And I think what's really critical and I love that you're bringing this up, what's really critical is to understand your definition of success is not the same as mine is not the same as someone else's. It's your definition of success. And I think as you start a new year, you ask yourself, what is success look like? Forget the last 10 years forget the last 20 years. What does success in this next year look like? In 2023? Is it making $200,000? Is it working five days a week, eight hours a day to grind that out and build your business? Is that working? You know one client and Our $400 What does that look like for you? Some people don't have kids, some 10 kids. So they it's the only income they have. Some have a spouse that can contribute. So I love that these success stories really show that everyone's definition of success is different. And to be honest, I would venture to guess that your definition of success is so different than when you started at that spa when you were 22. Oh, yeah. Right, you never would have dreamt of working 20 hours and just, you know, doing what you do now. But now you need to, and now you want to, and so you can craft that. Now, if for some crazy reason, you said, You know what, my kids are older, I actually want to go back in and add another day, you know, and I'm going to take that and put it towards paying off our house. I mean, you absolutely could do that. And that's the beauty of our schedules is what you work three days a week, four days a

Angie Patterson  25:57

week, now I worked for, but they're shorter. So that's been great to like, change it up. Because of my girls, they're back in school. So now I'm doing 10 to three, and I can take them to school and pick them up. And like you said, my definition of success is to be able to be with my family, take them to school, pick them up, be at the field trips, you know, all that stuff. So, uh, yeah, you're right, another person, like, if I was single, it would be a lot different, I would probably be trying to maximize my profits as much as possible, you know, working 30 hours, 40 hours if I wanted to, because I enjoy this. So it's not like doesn't feel like work, you know? So I, if I didn't have kids, and maybe when they graduate and that kind of thing. I probably will, like you said, maybe work some more if I want to. Yeah. Because clients are like, you're probably the same way. It's like at this point, they're like, friends, you know? And yes, and I remember, do you remember way back when Laurie, Laurie Creek had that six figure esthetician course. So I the thing I pulled from that was the whole your BCE your best client ever. And really picturing them and figuring out who they are and marketing only to them. And then your profitable passion, that other thing that she is she's like, you know, find that thing that you just that just lights you up and doesn't feel like work and price it accordingly. And you will with those two things together, you will attract people that want that, like want to do the thing you want to do so at that, like now I'm at a point where my whole day is full of people I love doing what I love, you know, and it doesn't feel like work. It just feels like Oh, I get to see these five friends today like and catch up. And yeah, there's so much laughter You know, all day long. And then then before I know it, it's done. And I get to go see my family again, you know, so it's, it's just yeah, I guess my definition of success is just being able to not feel like work and being able to support my family and it doesn't even it's not even hard, you know?

Shannon O'Brien  28:15

Yeah. And for those of you that are just starting out, like it does take work to get to this place today. And to that, you know, this isn't just, oh, just open a steal the salon and they will come and they will laugh with my friends. You know, you fight your buns off girls, so kudos to you, that's let's, let's definitely make sure that people understand that you know it, you have to meet those people in order to become busy and booked with those people. You know, it does take a little bit of time. So you put in the work and it's paying off for sure.

Angie Patterson  28:48

It's it's been all of the years of that I've done been in this industry have been valuable in some way to get me here. Yeah,

Shannon O'Brien  28:57

yeah. Okay, so you've been you're killing it for your couple of days a week, you're loving the balance, you're doing your kid thing, and then you decide to educate, right? So why toss that into the mix? How did that kind of come about for you?



Angie Patterson  29:13

I just I don't know, I have a passion and I guess for if I figured out something cool, I want to share it with somebody else so and educating for this company has been great. It just gives me a lot of freedom. It probably wouldn't be a good thing if it was very managed by somebody else but I have complete control over tuition and when I scheduled classes and how many people and so it's fit really well into my goal for no stress.

Shannon O'Brien  29:48

Yeah, so you can mention the company. We're expanding works for tamaraws with tamaraws and it's Tamar has a beautiful sugar line. We absolutely I love her proud And I love her. And she has really been choosy about the educators that she brings on, thankfully, because you all are very, very skilled. And Jessica, who you mentioned in the beginning is Jessica mock from Southern Sugaring. And I mentioned those women who came before you and educated you. Because I really want the audience to understand that this is a professional level thing, like, at the end of the day, you didn't just say, Oh, I know how to sugar, I'm gonna make money off some people and boost my income, you are affiliated with a professional skincare or sugar care line in tamaraws. And you've really worked hard to work with Tamra to put this curriculum together and her team. And I think it's so critical for the audience to understand to go through a professional sugar supply company to get to someone like you, right? Like, you didn't just make it up and start showing certifying people, you know, like printing a thing out on your computer for people talk about that for a minute, how have you kind of came to do that?

Angie Patterson  31:11

I just contacted them. And I was like, hey, you know, I know, there's no, it took me, you know, I had to drive a long way to find Jessica. So I knew that there were a lot of instructors close by and so I figured they would need somebody. So I was like, if you're open to seeing if I'm good enough, you know, and Kyle there was great, well, you know, she would send videos back and forth and make sure my technique was solid. And so they've been great. They're so so supportive, the whole tamaraws community. And yeah, it's been awesome. Yeah,

Shannon O'Brien  31:46

they really are. And I appreciate the work that they all do. And I'm glad you're a part of their team, because they really do a nice job. And I've seen students that come through, you know, love to sugar in our programs. And there, I can tell if they've been certified by all of you, because they really know what they're doing, which is, which is nice. Oh, yeah, for sure. And you know, at the end of the day, audience, you really do, like I said, you need to make sure that you are affiliating yourself with companies that are professional that have the training the support, because this is not just something you slap on a client and call it a day, like, you know, it really is an art, you know, we really do have a craft that you have to learn properly. And you know, whether it's online with us, and then going to hands on with someone like Angie, if that works for you. You know, that's great, too, we have a lot of students that do that they take our basic certain, and they find somebody like you to put their hands on them, you know, and I think that's valuable as well. And so if you are in the Carolinas, Angie is available and and talk about your education just for a minute. So you don't do volumes of education, you really do keep it down to one or two people in the classroom.

Angie Patterson  33:03

Yes, I like I prefer that just to, I really want to make sure they get it before they leave. And I feel comfortable with them. Being able to go home and practice and go home and troubleshoot on their own. And not just I hope I tried to make problems happen in class, getting stuck is definitely one that I try to make happen. Yeah, and it's not hard, just give me a dry knee and I can get stuck. So it's fun to like see them actually get out of it themselves, like the first time they're able to get unstuck by themselves, they get so excited. But I just like to, you know, really instill in them, you know, why are you doing each step that you're doing. And that really helps them troubleshoot that if they if they may be rushed the molding or, you know, weren't parallel with their flick or something they really can really hone in on, okay, why it was a third of the hair left when I flipped it. And they just have just resources in their brain from class of what did we do to get out of it and class and then I'm always available to them, they know that they can text me or call or send me videos of their practice and we can, you know, definitely doesn't end in the classroom and I'm with them however long they need me. So it's been cool.


That's awesome. Okay,

Shannon O'Brien  34:22

so success is here. You're working your your your space in the maximum way that you can, what's kind of next for Andy? What is what is what comes after this? Or is this the space that and I don't know that you necessarily need to have a next you know, some people just are like, I've hit my stride. I love this. I don't think there needs to be a next you know, do you have aspirations to do other things? Or is this that place where you are just in your stride and happy to just keep doing this?

Angie Patterson  34:57

I feel like for now I'm happy with how Things are going and we'll see how things change as the girls get older. But, you know, there's in North Carolina, at least, this, this is a good thing and a bad thing. But in North Carolina, anybody can teach. So it's really on the student to vet, your instructors and make sure that the classes you're signing for and paying for legit. But it's also great because I could just make up my own class that I wanted to teach. So maybe like a business class or consulting some kind of consulting thing where I can help people that want more of the advice of how to kind of maybe modeled their business after mine if if our goals are the same, and maybe give them some shortcuts of how to do that. And, and I liked your when you were interviewing with for the finance for the tax taxes.


You should Goldman and the beauty is yes, Keisha

Angie Patterson  35:53

like that kind of thing would would have been great to know back in the day. I mean, luckily I did an LLC from the get go. But it's great to have her telling people you know, when you're I don't know if this is countrywide. But in North Carolina, if you're around, you know, if you're netting around $50,000, it's probably a good idea to be an S corp and file. So you're not paying so much so much self employment tax, and just little things like that, that people starting out might not know, you could just steer them in the right direction early, so they don't have to make the mistakes you may have made.

Shannon O'Brien  36:28

Yeah, yeah, for sure. Well, I look forward to watching you grow or just keep doing that thing that you're doing and really spreading the passion for sugar. Thank you for doing that in such a wise and proper way. I really appreciate you and this industry and and I really appreciate you being in our community because you know, you'll, in fact, I was I was sharing with you earlier that I really just love when you give your words of wisdom, because it's not always coming from me. And that's kind of nice, you know? Because everyone I mean, I'm still a student. I learned things all the time.

Angie Patterson  37:05

And I feel the same. Yeah,

Shannon O'Brien  37:07

yeah. And I'm really grateful to have you on our community and keep on being engaged in and really, you know, just spreading your love with the people in our community, because it really is great to have you with us.

Angie Patterson  37:18

Oh, it's great to be there. That's awesome that you made an app. It's it's makes everything so much easier. Just right. Connected. Yeah.

Shannon O'Brien  37:26

Yeah, you can just you can just ping me right to my phone. Already for our recording. Let's go.

Shannon O'Brien  37:33

It has been great. Thank you so much, Angie, and I look forward to maybe doing some training with you in the future. Who knows. I hope that you enjoyed this episode as much as I did. I always love getting to spend time with people that I've been seeing this community for a really long time. And so if you are not a part of this community, then you absolutely need to get into the app into the left to sugar community. It is a free app, you will see all of the information in the shownotes on our Instagram, on our website, anywhere that you see love to sugar we have information on the free app. And very amazing humans like Angie are inside this community, helping each other and hopefully helping you with questions that you may have and really inspiring you to make sure that sugar is a part of your skincare treatment menu.


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