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Getting Real About Your Business This Year with Maxine Drake

January 22, 2023 Shannon "The SugarMama" Episode 64
The Sugar Show
Getting Real About Your Business This Year with Maxine Drake
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Let’s get real here - when was the last time you took a really good look at your operating procedures or the way you do business in your business?

Never fear, Maxine Drake is here to help you level up your business in 2023! Maxine helps estheticians build, grow, and scale their businesses through Elite VIP Coaching, the Empowered Mastermind, and the Esthetician Inner Circle Membership™. She is a contributing author in The Estheticians Guide To Outstanding Esthetics and has written articles for many trade magazines such as Skin Inc and Les Nouvelles. She is also the creator of the Beauty Business Summit™.

It’s time to take a good hard look at your backend business systems and let Maxine be your guide as she shines a light on some of the areas your business may need some extra TLC so you can crush those 2023 goals because when more spa owners are more profitable, the industry bar is energetically raised!


  • How to take a look in the mirror to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward every single day.
  • What small touches you can bring into your treatment room tomorrow to take your clients’ experience to the next level.
  • The secret to being ten steps ahead of your clients so you know what they’re thinking before they’ve even thought it!

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Cheers to your Sweet Success!

[00:00:00] Shannon O'Brien: This episode of The Sugar Show is really gonna start your year off right, and some of the concepts may seem pretty obvious and basic, but I want you to really ask yourself, have you been really great about your operating procedures or the way that you do business inside of your business in 2122? And moving on into 2023.

[00:00:23] This episode with Maxine Drake is gonna help you stay focused. Welcome to this sugar show. I'm Shannon O'Brien, body sugaring expert and licensed esthetician who's taken my own skincare business from zero to multiple six figures and has helped over 3000 students learn how to do the. Now, let me tell you, it wasn't all that long ago that I lacked the time, budget, and knowledge needed to grow my small business as a body sugaring pro.

[00:00:50] If we were to press rewind, you'd see the many failed attempts and lessons learned that have helped me build the profitable business that I have today. One that runs on its own and [00:01:00] gives me the lifestyle and freedom that I only used to dream of. I created the Sugar Show to hand you my secrets and give you the simple step by step.

[00:01:10] To help you do the same. So if you're a cosmetologist or esthetician or wax professional who's looking to fill your books, make more money in your business and enjoy greater balance between your work and home life, you are in the right place. Let's dive in.

[00:01:38] All right, Ms. Maxine, it is time. It is the first of the year. It is time to get these people flowing and focused. You know, I love that you are on with us to, to get this audience dialed for the year start of the year. What a great way to start. Let's talk about those folks that are starting [00:02:00] this year.

[00:02:00] Thinking about all of the things. All of the things. How does someone get organized with all of the things? Like, you know, like I think some people think like, okay, I've gotta have goals, I've gotta have vision, I've gotta have a planner, I've gotta have all of the things. How can we do this kind of one bite at a time?

[00:02:21] Maxine Drake: Um, well, um, you're talking business, right? Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. talking like, um, business one bite at a time. Well, you know, if you're, if we're a solo esthetician or a solopreneur, you know, it's just changing out one hat at a time. We have to be very conscious. Of removing our esthetician hat when we're in the treatment room, whether we are doing a skin treatment or we are sugaring mm-hmm.

[00:02:49] and, and then, uh, putting on our c e o hat or our manager or leadership hat. And so to get it all [00:03:00] organized, um, you know, there's multiple different ways, you know, from business planning to marketing to leadership and all of that. But if we're just talking about business and kind of streamlining our business, I think putting in place, uh, super operating procedures, and I call them super instead of standard because.

[00:03:22] There's nothing standard or mediocre about you or your business. Mm-hmm. . And so therefore I just wanted to amp it up, rename it, reframe. Mm-hmm. , change your brain and say these are super operating procedures. And you know, so we could dissect like how we do things like as far as, um, Like the guest experience and things like that.

[00:03:51] So there's multiple layers, uh, to the operating procedures per se. [00:04:00] And, um, do you wanna dial in or dive into one in particular? . 

[00:04:05] Shannon O'Brien: You know, I love you mentioned the customer experience, and I think it, whether you're a solopreneur or you have a staff, you're a spot owner, maybe you've been doing this for a really long time, or maybe you're just starting out.

[00:04:19] I love addressing the customer experience because I think that so often we get kind of like bogged down in all the extra stuff, but if we really just focus on that customer experience, That is our best W advertisement. It is our best. That's why we started in this business, right, is to, yeah, provide an amazing experience for these folks.

[00:04:45] Mm-hmm. , and I think if we get real. With what that looks like and ask ourselves, what are the kind of things that you can ask yourself about the guest experience. It's not just is, are we causing them pain? Are we nice to [00:05:00] them? Right. But what, what should people be really looking at as it relates to customer experience?

[00:05:06] Because it might be areas that you, they might not think about or mm-hmm. like, you know, that you really have to ask yourself these questions. So maybe let's do gu. Mm-hmm. customer experience for your operating procedure. Like guest, what makes it super, what kicks it up a notch? Maxine . 

[00:05:23] Maxine Drake: I think the first step, just to kind of, well actually take a step back before we even talk about the, the customer experience or the client.

[00:05:31] The guest experience is to successful spa owners really live their mission and walk in their values. . So really getting super clear on your mission and who you serve. Mm-hmm. and because we are serving at the end of the day mm-hmm. , and then making sure that the spa team members are in alignment with the company's whole belief system.[00:06:00] 

[00:06:00] Shannon O'Brien: You know, you know, I think sometimes solos don't do. They just open the doors and start running and they don't really ask themselves who do I wanna serve? So they try to be all things to all people. 

[00:06:11] Maxine Drake: Right. Right. And I think ev uh, it's even more important if we're solo because it just kind of helps us hold us accountable as to how we show up every day.

[00:06:22] Mm-hmm. , you know, and you know, so it's just important. It is important to. Do what's right and not necessarily what's easy, you know? Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . And so getting really clear on your mission, what are your values? What is important to you? How do you wanna show up? How do you wanna be remembered? Or what do you wanna be known for?

[00:06:44] Mm-hmm. in your community, you know? And, and then we coach our team members accordingly, you know, and we develop them. You know, people don't want jobs. Anymore they wanna be [00:07:00] developed. Yeah. And so anyway, so, but the solo practitioner, I think it's vital to put these things in place so that now you can be crystal clear on what does that guest experience look like for you.

[00:07:17] Mm-hmm. , you know, how are you, 

[00:07:19] Shannon O'Brien: what are some areas? Yeah. What are some areas that people should take a look at? Really be honest with themselves about. Let's 

[00:07:25] Maxine Drake: just start with personal appearance. Right. I mean, that's really simple. I'm of the belief now. I ran a very, a high end spa, so we, we dressed the part.

[00:07:43] You know, my spa team was in, no, that was, you know, when we wore white, you know, lab coats or equivalent still Noel Smar. I'll give her a little plug because her spa wear is just so beautiful. Um, but [00:08:00] black slacks, And a white, um, you know, a white lab coat. I think the personal appearance is important, and sometimes when we're solo, we're like, I'm running late.

[00:08:11] It's okay if I just show up with wet hair and a tank top or whatever. Mm. Yeah, no, we, we wanna charge and we, we, we believe that we deserve top dollar. Well, it kind of really starts with that personal appearance, right? Sure, sure. And, and hygiene. And hygiene as well. No. 

[00:08:33] Shannon O'Brien: So let's talk about that . Cause I do have some folks that I have experienced over the last bit of years that, um, don't realize that when you drink your coffee, you need to be mindful of the fact that you have coffee, breath.

[00:08:50] If you come in from working out at the gym and go directly to starting to sugar, you are gonna smell like you've been at the. [00:09:00] If you don't have beautiful skin or beautiful eyebrows and you have chin hair and lip hair that you have not attended to yourself, how does someone see, oh, that's a look that I wanna get.

[00:09:16] Right, like you have to be mindful. You are the advertisement of your skills. You are the advertisement of your space. And if your mission is to provide a beautiful space and you smell like coffee or the gym and your lip hair is for all to see, and your hair is wet, right? Mm-hmm. , you need to check yourself.

[00:09:39] And I think there might be some folks that do wear the lab coat and the black slack still and think, no. People really do that. Like I can't imagine showing up to work without my scrubs on or without, right. Some sort of distinguishing outfit, be it a beautiful apron, be it hair pulled back. [00:10:00] Especially when we sugar hair pulled back.

[00:10:03] Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . It's, I mean, your clients are noticing everything. 

[00:10:07] Maxine Drake: Absolutely. And no boobs and no pits. Okay. Like, just, let's just, let's just, you know, let and be professional again, if we're our mission, Shannon and I know, and you and I are in alignment with a lot of things in helping to elevate the industry and helping consumers understand the value of what.

[00:10:29] Have to offer mm-hmm. as it pertains to sugaring, as it pertains to the treatments that they deliver. And if we are going to charge top dollar, we better bring it and we better show up and we better have breath mints if we smoke and wash our hands or coffee br you know. Yeah. All of these things. But it's like, is your makeup on?

[00:10:51] Are you ready to start the day? Um, polished. Polished. Even our front desk [00:11:00] team, our guest services team, they wore black, but not in the sense of scrubs. They looked like they were going to a cocktail party every day. Mm-hmm. , because it was a high end spa and I wanted them to, Have the freedom to dress up, but you know, but look the part, you know, 

[00:11:20] Shannon O'Brien: um, and I think it's something to be said for the different experience.

[00:11:25] If you walk into a facility and someone looks like they are ready for you Yeah. And have more wisdom and knowledge than you do. Smoothing your skin, right? Yeah. Opposed to just, you know, you're going in someone's back room and they're gonna, you know, take hair outta your face. You know, like there is something to be said for your client experience.

[00:11:47] It's not just, you know, the beautiful room or the kind of sugar that you use. It's you Yeah. They're, yeah, they're buying you and then the end result, [00:12:00] right? Well, if you and the end result, don't jive. They're visual of you and they're looking up into your hairy armpits or up your, you know, boobs, , you know, as you're sugaring them.

[00:12:14] They don't need, they don't need that. They want to feel luxurious. Like this is a luxurious experience, even if you have a one room solo space. That's 

[00:12:23] Maxine Drake: right. So, you know, that's starting with the basics. That's something that everyone can do today. Mm-hmm. You know and make that change. 

[00:12:33] Shannon O'Brien: Yeah. So put that on your list.

[00:12:34] If you're listening to this podcast and you've got your pen and paper out, put on your list. Guess my appearance. What is my appearance? And if it means go in and grab some scrubs cuz that's all you can afford. Great. If it means an apron, a beautiful apron, you know, putting on a t-shirt and an apron, it doesn't even have to be expensive scrubs.

[00:12:55] It can be a beautiful t-shirt. Not too [00:13:00] much makeup. Not too much fragrance, right? Keeping your skin beautiful. Be mindful of that fragrance, right? And really just being mindful of what are your clients looking at when they look up at you? What are they smelling? What are they hearing? What are they experiencing?

[00:13:17] That's right. I love that. I love that. I'm, 

[00:13:19] Maxine Drake: I'm so glad that you brought up fragrance because I didn't wear perfume for so long. And what we don't realize is that we might be so used to it that we put on more, and then the client is like, mm-hmm. , you know, or the fragrance that you think is so beautiful could be very triggering.

[00:13:42] To a client. Yeah. And so we just don't know. So it's just best to not wear. You know, let your essential oils, uh, do the trick if, if, you know, if, if that's something that's part of your, uh, treatment protocol for per se. [00:14:00] Yeah. But I think, um, I think setting, setting that as super and making sure all of your team members are also showing up, polished, mm-hmm.

[00:14:11] and ready and, you know, 15 to 30 minutes prior. to their first, their first, uh, you know, client's arrival. And uh, you know, I remember he used to have a team member. He was a rockstar hairstylist. There was no doubt about it. And he knew it. And, you know, he would just show up like, like sometimes a couple minutes after his, his client or whatever.

[00:14:38] I got to the point, I'm like, you park out. And you do not walk past that client that's sitting at the front, you know, in the 

[00:14:46] Shannon O'Brien: chair waiting for, as you have your Starbucks and you know, you're overflowing bags in hand. 

[00:14:51] Maxine Drake: Right? You're just not even centered. You don't, you don't even, you have, you don't even have your station set up yet, and you know, [00:15:00] and so, No matter how big you get, always stay humble because he did get big and I had to bring him back down a notch and say, look, you park in the back, you come in the back door.

[00:15:12] And you know, and then that attendance was really important to show up 15 minutes prior. And if there was. You know, uh, there was a breach in that. Then there's repercussions and what are those? Yeah, you know, you have to think about that because, um, you know, we expect our clients to be on time. We have all these cancellation policies as well.

[00:15:38] So we wanna get there 15 to 30 minutes prior, turn on your sugar and get all your stuff ready to go and get centered. Look at your day. . Um, and, and get centered and get ready mm-hmm. to, to, to serve. And I think that's really important also. [00:16:00] 

[00:16:00] Shannon O'Brien: Yeah. Okay, so someone has taken a look at themselves, their space.

[00:16:06] Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . They have a beautiful space. They have a beautiful outfit. They're apron, whatever, hair pulled back. All is well with the guest experience. Right. What is the number one thing if people don't do anything else, do you think? Standard operating procedures to make them super As it relates to business, and again, this could be whether you have a solo room or you're part of a staff, 

[00:16:34] Maxine Drake: right?

[00:16:34] I think the number one thing you can do, which a lot of people aren't doing it, and this is something that you can do today as well, is to make it super, is to go the extra mile. In that customer service experience. And what does that mean? That means you are like 10 steps ahead. Mm-hmm. [00:17:00] of what that client may be anticipating.

[00:17:04] Mm-hmm. And I could just share a story. I was in, um, I was in Maui. We had hopped over to another island and we were having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. We had, you know, we had a book at months in advance cuz it was like high end and we, like our table was like facing out onto the ocean. Hmm.

[00:17:26] One that sun, once that sunset went down, um, It got really chilly cuz the windows were open, the breeze was in, we're sitting there eating and sipping wine and all of that. And as soon as the sun went down, I was like, my body language went like this. And all of a sudden the server came over with a Shaw.

[00:17:47] Mm-hmm. that like, and it was just like, okay. They know. And like she was like a step. Yeah. You know, and it's those little things that [00:18:00] matter. So what little things can you do in your, in the customer service journey? Yeah. That, and it doesn't have to cost you, that's the thing. Mm-hmm. . , you know, it's, it doesn't have to cost you, it could be as simple as like, you're, you even have your phone turned off.

[00:18:22] Um, it's not buzzing in your pocket as you're mm-hmm. doing things to make the client feel like they are the only. Person that matters in your life right now. Mm-hmm. and, and just going that extra mile and just thinking of things and how we can come up with it is we can think through, um, maybe some of the customer service journey that we've already put together.

[00:18:52] Mm-hmm. . and how can we enhance it? 

[00:18:55] Shannon O'Brien: Yeah. Sugar Pros as that relates to your service treatment because [00:19:00] Maxine, you, uh, you probably get sugared but you don't sugar. Um, I will say specifically things like when a client comes in having, and they're really, really stressed, having a couple of massage moves. that you can relax your client with before you do their brows, their bikini.

[00:19:19] As soon as you do, maybe some shoulder presses, maybe just some, um, under the neck holds, maybe just some temple rubbing. And just get them to calm down. Their body will calm, their follicles will calm, and you'll have an easier time getting their sugar out. Okay. Two, if you have a mat, a sugar mat that is freezing.

[00:19:41] Oh, you had better have a big towel to put under that body because as soon as they lay down on that table, they're gonna get cold, their follicles will constrict. You'll have a harder time getting that sugar out. Okay. If their toes are cold because they've dropped their drawers and they forgot to wear socks.

[00:19:58] I don't know. They were wearing flip flops and all of a sudden [00:20:00] their toes are cold. Do you have a little towel that you can put around their. . Sometimes people just need a little something. If somebody's doing their underarms and they've taken their shirt off and they get cold again, follicles will constrict.

[00:20:14] Hold onto those hairs. You'll bra, you'll have breakage in the skin or a breakage in the hair, so right. Put a little towel over the top of your client. Have some bigger towels available to put over that client and keep them. . Little things like that. Where's the lighting in your room? If you're laying down for a Brazilian, you're obviously looking up at the sky cuz you're like, oh gosh, here we go.

[00:20:38] You know, she's gonna rip, rip hair outta my body Parts, right? Is the light staring straight down in their eyes? Lay on your table. Is the fan blowing directly on them? Are they freezing? You know, is the light beam in their eyes? And that's what Maxine is saying, you know, really taking a look at what are the things that if someone is shivering, um, perfect [00:21:00] example on when we do our mold and flick.

[00:21:03] If you get a client when you do your first flick and that client is flinchy and jittery and can't sit still, you need to take a breath and say, okay, I need to either count for them. And say, okay, ready. We're gonna do this together. Get them 1, 2, 3, flick, right? Or you have 'em, take a breath out. One, two breath.

[00:21:25] as you're flicking, right? It's these things that you can say, okay, I understand you client. I understand that you're jittery today. Here's how I'm gonna calm you. So, great point, Maxine. I think people don't, they just think, oh, I'm just gonna sugar and, you know, b and b out and on my way. But what is it that your client really needs?

[00:21:46] Mm-hmm. as they're in with you. Great. I, I love the shawl with the server. I mean, it's kinda the same idea. It's. 

[00:21:52] Maxine Drake: Yeah. And it like matched my outfit. I was like, um, did you go shopping for me? Like, you know, and can I 

[00:21:59] Shannon O'Brien: keep 

[00:21:59] Maxine Drake: it ? [00:22:00] Right. You know, and it was just like, and you know, you bet you she got a big tip. Yeah.

[00:22:05] Because she got attention. Yep. Our glass, our wine glasses were never emptied. But the, but you, you might not know this Shannon, but I was a Brazilian wax expert. That's how I built. I 

[00:22:18] Shannon O'Brien: did not know that. Yeah, I just, well, I would've switched you to sugar, that's for 

[00:22:23] Maxine Drake: sure. . Well, you know, it's funny, I didn't have you in my life and I remember trying, and I couldn't get it cuz I didn't have the training.

[00:22:32] So your training is so vital, what you do for others, pay attention, follow Shannon's lead because that education is gold. And because I didn't have the guidance I gave. Yeah. And I went back and I went back to my hard wax and clean up with strips, you know? Yeah. But I was a big hard wax fan at least.

[00:22:55] Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. and uh, and I actually created my own hard wax [00:23:00] back then. Oh gosh. I 

[00:23:01] Shannon O'Brien: know you remember those days, right? When your clients, you know, would lay on the table and be cold and. Would come in stressed. And that is, that above and beyond is having those towels. Like you remember that then back in the, whether you were waxing or sugaring, right?

[00:23:16] Maxine Drake: No, for sure. And they got a full, they got a full, um, towel anyway, because sometimes what they would do is just whip off everything or like, you know, it's just like up with that. I, you know, it's totally cool. I'm, I'm definitely very comfortable with the human anatomy. Sure. Um, especially when we are Brazilian wax experts like that.

[00:23:39] But the, just having that towel gave a little bit of comfort, so I never let 'em all hang out. You know, I was always like covering here and covering there, and just that comfort of that. They would say to me, wow. It's just like, I know you're still seeing everything, Maxine, but it was just like you, you. You gave [00:24:00] that little bit of comfort Sure.

[00:24:01] You know, with that help, so Yeah, sure. 

[00:24:04] Shannon O'Brien: And I think as it, it follows all the way out the door, right? Mm-hmm. . So you've thought, uh, enough ahead of time, you're mindful of what your client's immediate experience is on the table, but you're mindful all the way until they literally walk back to their car.

[00:24:23] That's right. And then some. So talk about that a little bit. Walking all 

[00:24:28] Maxine Drake: the way back to their car. 

[00:24:29] Shannon O'Brien: Well, just like from the moment you're done with service, it doesn't stop there. 

[00:24:34] Maxine Drake: Oh, gosh, no. As a matter of fact, the party has just started. Mm-hmm. , you know, and especially if that is a first time guest coming in, let's just say to get, you know, sugared or get, you know, have a Brazilian wax mm-hmm.

[00:24:49] and they're very, they're, they're vulnerable anyway, because there's only. You know a couple of people that have ever been down there, you, their [00:25:00] significant other, maybe their doctor, and that's about it. Yeah. So, um, you know, it's a very intimate service. And so by making them feel comfortable and going that extra mile and making sure that they, uh, um, you know, for a first time client, you get on the phone with them and kind of share with them what to expect.

[00:25:22] Make sure you wear loose clothing. Don't wear your tightest fitting jeans. , um, you know, just little things like that. And, uh, and then when they're, when they're leaving, maybe they, uh, Maybe they would love, you know, a warm cup of tea, maybe, I don't know if you have time, you know, if you have time going the extra mile.

[00:25:44] We had all those things set up in the spa and we had team members to kind of help with that. But if you're a solo, I think the priority is making sure that, uh, you have booked their next appointment. before they even leave. Is there anything that [00:26:00] they need to take with them that's going to make that post wax or post sugar experience even better?

[00:26:07] Mm-hmm. . So if there's things in your arsenal that you can sell, remember that's an offering, um, to help make their experience better. I know some people where I would encourage to for first time, for the first three, , let's say sugaring, that uh, those products are bundled in that price. Mm-hmm. . So they get used to making, they get used to using your post-care products.

[00:26:37] And then, and then, um, you know, we're setting them up and I think setting them up is key. We rely way too much on the booking app to go. Sure. Just go ahead. It's like, I don't wanna be bothered with you. I just go to my booking app. No, when we go the extra mile. . Everyone has their calendars with them now.

[00:26:57] Come on. Yeah. And so, you know, [00:27:00] they can just whip out their phone. Go ahead and schedule three, four weeks from now, whatever you're, whatever you're recommending. And you know, if it's a first time guest, follow up with them the next day. See how they're doing. Mm-hmm. , no one does that. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. , that phone call could be like, oh my gosh, she cares.

[00:27:18] Oh my gosh. She thought of me. Mm. And you know, and that's applicable to any first time treatment as well. Cuz we're doing treatments now that are, um, maybe more aggressive. Or if you're not just that experience, how did you do, you know, how did your skin feel? And just getting that feedback from them and showing that you care.

[00:27:41] I mean, that's going the extra 

[00:27:43] Shannon O'Brien: mile. It's better than any social media post will ever do for. Because that's how you're gonna get all their friends . It is 

[00:27:51] Maxine Drake: how you're gonna get all their friends. I mean, people are, I think, you know, the customer [00:28:00] experience. I don't know what happened, but I don't know if you're noticing it even in restaurants as well.

[00:28:05] Mm-hmm. , I'm like, what is going on? So, because people aren't willing to go the extra mile to set yourself apart and put super operating procedures in place and go the extra mile for your guests and think of the little things and be five to 10 steps ahead of them so they don't have to. You're already presenting.

[00:28:25] I never asked for the Shaw, like, Hey, do you have like a Ben sports coat in the back like that? I can borrow? Yeah. Like, no, like she was 10 steps ahead. 

[00:28:35] Shannon O'Brien: Yeah. You have a box of tissue ready, you have towels ready, you have a little essential oil ready. , you have the ability to change your music quickly and do something soft depending on, you know, or maybe uplift someone.

[00:28:49] You're really ready to go. And sometimes we need to stop for a minute and ask ourselves if we really have that in our treatment room. And I love that, that we're kind of reminding people today about that. [00:29:00] Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. You know, the other thing I want to, this is, you know, such a big area having operating procedures, and I think if you're new to business, you know really what operating procedures are is taking your mission.

[00:29:18] And getting real about every area. And you have a, a program that's really nice that lays out like, okay, here are all the areas that you need to think about. And so I think that, you know, we could talk about this for hours, right? Like people put whole week long training sessions together with their staff.

[00:29:38] But I think if, especially solo, Day spa owners, you should all, you should definitely have a standing standard operating procedures, let alone a super operating procedures program with your staff. Um, but solos and even employees. Ask yourself, how am I running this business? And at the [00:30:00] beginning of every year, and to be honest, about six months in, also, I love readdressing some of these topics.

[00:30:08] Have you really been focusing on going the extra mile and what can you do to change that for the next six months, a year sometimes seems like a, a long time to be doing this. And maybe ev every quarter you go through and really ask yourself, have I been, you know, following these things? And then for operating procedures, have I been.

[00:30:32] mindful of my business, my budget, my marketing, all of the other things that go into it, even if you're an employee. Mm-hmm. , even if you're a solo, you don't have to have a staff to really have your own manual. Right? Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . So what are the K, some of the other things that people kind of just general topics that you really feel.

[00:30:56] Are kind of the areas that people should be thinking about when they're [00:31:00] kind of sitting down and doing their own little solo staff training or you know, like really kind of putting their goals together for the year. . 

[00:31:10] Maxine Drake: Yeah. Another thing that you can do right away, and it doesn't matter if you're solar or if you have a team, is putting together your super consultation procedures.

[00:31:21] Mm mm-hmm. , you know, and what does that look like? We're just so. I don't know. Used to sending people online to fill out things, which is fine. I believe in saving time and energy and money that way. However, it's not gonna take a fa away from the fact that we should be going through those consultations, those questions together when they arrive, and especially if they've missed any areas where they didn't answer.

[00:31:50] Shannon O'Brien: Yeah. You know? Great point. Which really helps you take it above and beyond, right? Like it helps, it does. The first topic. Yeah. 

[00:31:57] Maxine Drake: I mean, before you even put your hands [00:32:00] on, someone, sugar them or put your hands on their face, we should be having a conversation with them. About, about their expectations, their problems, their expectations, um, their fears, their, like, all of it.

[00:32:18] Yeah. And you know, and I think estheticians are natural educators, so you've got this. 

[00:32:24] Shannon O'Brien: Yeah. You know what I really love about. Bringing these topics up, Maxine, is I tell my sugar pros all the time to focus on their balls , and that means they're sugar balls and I, and if you, if they focus on the ball of sugar and putting it on the client and really focus on that client.

[00:32:49] it really will help their business and slow down. And instead of saying, all right, so what's the latest dish? You know, what's the latest tea? What do you got? What? Gimme some gossip, like, what's going on? What are you [00:33:00] doing for the holidays? Like instead of all the personal stuff. Mm-hmm. , I'm really challenging my students and I know you're challenging yours to re get real.

[00:33:10] and ask yourself like, am I focusing on the consultation? Some of you that have been sugaring for 12, 20, 25 years, it might have been 12 years ago that you asked that client what's going on with their health, and I promise you it's changed in 12 years. Oh, they're heck here, girl. Right. So a lot of people say, oh yeah, you have to fill out the consultation form.

[00:33:36] They never look at it. Or if they do, it's the very first time and the very first time only that they look at it. Yeah. Right. So you've got a client that you've been sugaring for 12 years. How, what medications are they on now that they, that they haven't told you about? Mm-hmm. , you know, what are they taking now?

[00:33:55] I, you probably know what's going on with their kids and their husband. But do you know what's going [00:34:00] on with them as it relates physically? You might know they're going through something, right? But really being mindful and focusing on that sugar ball and that client and their experience, and I promise you and Maxine promises you that if you start to pay attention to.

[00:34:20] Areas of your business, your business will boom. It will change who you are as a practitioner, it really will. Absolutely. You know, if you're somebody who kind of rolls in and your jeans and your t-shirt and your flip flops, you throw your hair up and a hat, maybe you throw an apron on. Sally comes in and you're like, Hey girl, what up?

[00:34:41] What's the latest? She jumps on your table. You sugar even just doesn't, not even Brazilian. You sugar her eyebrows, you know? Eh, you're breathing a little coffee on her. You have no idea that she started these medications, and you don't understand why all of a sudden she's having a histamine reaction, you know?

[00:34:57] Um, yeah. Whatever it is. [00:35:00] Your room is cold. You know, all of these things I'm asking you. Sugar Pros, are you really paying attention to what you're doing in your business or are you just going through the motions? Mm-hmm. , and then you're upset when they leave you and you don't understand why. Mm-hmm. . How come I haven't seen Sally in a while?

[00:35:17] Well, it's probably because the last four times you sugared Sally, she was cold, you smelled like coffee, and you really didn't care what she used on her skin. You gave her a hug. You said, love you girl. See you next month. And you sent her out the door and the next girl was on her way. . 

[00:35:32] Maxine Drake: Mm-hmm. . I love what you just said, um, because what operating procedures also do is help hold you accountable.

[00:35:40] Yes. So you don't become complacent. So you might not know this, but I was a flight attendant for five years for American Airlines, and there's a reason why pilots will read the checklist allowed. In the cockpit, and I would be standing in the galley and I could hear them, and I had memorized it at one point and I started reciting it back.

[00:35:59] And they're [00:36:00] like, Maxine, you know, but there's a reason why they read it out aloud. If so, they don't become complacent. Now, yes. That's like, you know, that could have, you know, detrimental effects if they miss one thing and don't flip a switch in the cockpit. However, it holds us accountable so that we don't become so comfortable that we're, um, it keeps us in the moment.

[00:36:26] Yeah. It keeps us in the moment. So in building our 

[00:36:30] Shannon O'Brien: businesses. 

[00:36:30] Maxine Drake: Yeah. Yes. I challenge you to incorporate super operating procedures into your business. Mm-hmm. , stand above the rest and go the extra mile and do what others aren't willing to do and you'll flourish. I 

[00:36:54] Shannon O'Brien: love it, and we're gonna be checking in with you throughout the year for other tips and tricks on [00:37:00] operating procedures that you may not be thinking about that you should really pay attention to.

[00:37:03] So thank you, girl. Every time we get together, oh, I, we could talk for hours and I'm really, really grateful to have you as a part of our Sugar Tribe. Oh, 

[00:37:13] Maxine Drake: thank you, Shannon. Happy New Year. It's gonna be great. 

[00:37:16] Shannon O'Brien: Woohoo. 2023. Can't even believe it. Believe her saying that. Ugh. Alright. Cheers to a sweet year for you.

[00:37:24] I hope that you have been honest with yourself throughout listening to this episode because I think sometimes we run our businesses and we just kind of walk in the door and run and we work on clients and we book 'em for the next time and we don't really pay attention to what we're actually doing. So I listen back to that episode and really put some points down and say, Do I do some of those things?

[00:37:50] Is there a way that I can get better? And standard operating procedures, there isn't going to be a link inside the show notes that will send you [00:38:00] to her super operating procedures bundle and. It's really important for you all to sit down and work in your business, whether you're a solopreneur, even an employee, a day spot owner, or someone who's just a staff member, and not just a staff member.

[00:38:17] I mean, we're all sugar pros, right? But really working your business and taking every area of your business from what you wear to your budgets, to your product selection, and really every year, even every six months. Regrouping and going back and asking yourself honestly how you're doing as a business, how you're doing as an employee, how you're doing as a sugar pro in general.

[00:38:44] And that's where you'll know the classes that you can take next or maybe areas that you're weaker in. So I hope this episode has been. Fabulous for you. Maxine is a huge supporter of the sugaring world and she is featured in Sugar Mama's Favorite Things [00:39:00] Inside the Free Sugaring app. So if you haven't downloaded it already, I highly suggest that you do, and I look forward to seeing you next week on the next sweet episode of The Sugar Show.

[00:39:11] Have a fabulous sweet week.