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Smooth Operator: How Body Sugaring Can Set You Apart in the Beauty Industry

February 26, 2023 Shannon "The SugarMama" Episode 69
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Smooth Operator: How Body Sugaring Can Set You Apart in the Beauty Industry
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So many of my podcasts are geared toward estheticians who have their own businesses, which is awesome, or maybe they're thinking of going solo.

But today I wanted to address the employees.

For all those employees out there, it is really an awesome time for your career because you can focus on your clients and not worry about all the details of running a skincare business.

So let's dive into how you can be the best employee you can be.


  • The seven ways that you can really think about whether or not you're actually making the best possible effort in that treatment room working for someone else.
  • A few areas you can step up in that you may be slacking (yoga pants, I’m looking at you!)
  • How to become the chit-chat champion and use your voice to both educate and entertain your clients!

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If you’ve connected with or been inspired by this episode in any way, leave us a review and let us know your biggest takeaway - I’d love to hear how you embrace Sugaring For All!! And while you've got your phone out, make sure to follow us on Instagram @Love2Sugar.

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[00:00:00] Shannon O'Brien: Hello, my beautiful ladies and gentlemen of the beauty industry. It's Shannon, your sugar mama. And I just finished my day in the treatment room working alongside my talented staff, and it made me think of our sugar show audience. So many of my podcasts are geared toward estheticians who have their own businesses, which is awesome, or maybe they're thinking of going solo.

[00:00:25] but really I wanted to address the employees for today's episode. For those of you who work for a business and are an employee, which I love, this episode is for you. It is really an awesome route to take for your career because you can focus on your clients and not worry about all the details of running a skincare business.

[00:00:48] So let's dive in to how you can be the best employee you can be. Welcome to this sugar show. I'm Shannon O'Brien, body sugaring expert and licensed esthetician who's [00:01:00] taken my own skincare business from zero to multiple six figures and has helped over 3000 students learn how to do the same. Now, let me tell you, it wasn't all that long ago that I lacked the time, budget, and knowledge needed to grow my small business as a body sugaring pro.

[00:01:16] If we were to press rewind, you'd see the many failed attempts and lessons learned that have helped me build the profitable business that I have today. One that runs on its own and gives me the lifestyle and freedom that I only used to dream of. I created the Sugar Show to hand you my secrets and give you the simple step by step.

[00:01:36] To help you do the same. So if you're a cosmetologist or esthetician or wax professional who's looking to fill your books, make more money in your business and enjoy greater balance between your work and home life, you are in the right place. Let's dive in.[00:02:00] 

[00:02:04] Are you looking to up your game in the beauty industry? Well look no further because I have some tips for you on how you can be the absolute best employee. I love my staff. They're amazing humans, and I've really. Helped create a culture in our space that really lends itself to being the very best employee and staff member that you can be.

[00:02:29] So I've broken this down into just seven ways that you can really think about whether or not you're actually making the best possible effort in that treatment room working for someone else. So number one. To have passion and positivity. The beauty industry is all about making people feel good and look their best.

[00:02:50] So it's really important to have a positive and passionate attitude. Your enthusiasm will rub off on your clients, making their [00:03:00] experience even more enjoyable. So think about what you love best about being in someone's treatment room or getting sugared. Translate that towards how you treat your clients.

[00:03:13] So if you're someone who tends to be an introvert, I want you to really think about busting out of your shell and really getting to know your clients and showing your passion for a beauty industry. Number two, and this is huge for me as a boss, is professionalism. I want you to show up on time, dress appropriately, whether it's in scrubs like we wear at our shop, or, um, maybe you just wear regular clothes in an apron.

[00:03:40] Really think about what you're wearing. Are you wearing, you know, just kinda whatever, sloppy t-shirt and leggings and running shoes. or, and maybe you don't have your makeup done or your hair's kind of in a messy bun. Are you really taking a look at being professional in your business and [00:04:00] taking the time to make sure that you have, even at the end of the day, you could put your hair up, but make sure that it looks nice and you have a little lip gloss on, uh, you're wearing an outfit that matches together and something that.

[00:04:14] Pretty conservative because you want your client to feel as though they have walked into a professional space, not just like some friends back room. I also, as a professional, want you to make sure that you are being organized in all areas of. Your business and these small gestures being organized, showing up on time, dressing appropriately, these small gestures can make a big difference in building trust with your C clients, your colleagues, and even your boss.

[00:04:46] Number three, your communication skills. Good communication skills are essential in the beauty industry. Whether you're chatting with clients about their needs or collabing, collaborating with coworkers on a project, clear and [00:05:00] effective communication is crucial for success. Number four, adaptability.

[00:05:06] Especially in these times cuz the beauty industry is constantly evolving. So it's really important to be flexible and open to change. Say up to date on the latest trends and techniques by attending workshops, reading industry publications, and continuously educating yourself. And if you're interested, as you know, we have all kinds of resources for you inside the free app that we.

[00:05:32] So take a look in the show notes for information, more information on the free app, but I'm derailing myself. Number five is attention to detail. In the beauty industry, every detail counts. Whether you're applying makeup or giving a massage, or doing someone's Brazilian, pay close attention to every step of the process to ensure that your clients are getting the best possible service.[00:06:00] 

[00:06:00] Number six, be a team player. Collaborating with others is key in the beauty industry. Whether you're working with a team of estheticians on a photo shoot or social media, or maybe you're helping a fellow Sugar Pro or SD with a client. Always be willing to lend a hand and be a part of the community and not feel like you're a part of any sort of competition, because when we all work together, your whole space will just flow better and you'll have better job happiness.

[00:06:33] And number seven is always, always, always customer service. And I probably should have put this one first, but the beauty industry is all about clients. Feeling good. So it's important to really learn some excellent, excellent customer service skills. Listen to your clients, understand their needs, and do everything in your power to exceed their expectations.

[00:06:56] By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to [00:07:00] being a top-notch employee and really rising in the ranks at your space. Remember to always be passionate, professional, communicative, adaptable, detail-oriented, a team player, and always have that focus on customer service because I can honestly say that even if you're a solo or you have your own business or you're the owner, Even as an employee, hard work and a positive attitude will just take you to the next level and really help you set yourself.

[00:07:32] So let's talk about this beauty industry and now that we've discussed how to be a great employee in the beauty industry, let's talk. For those of you that are kind of wondering about, maybe you wanna get into it. Let's talk about the benefits of working in this exciting and dynamic field. And it's changed so much since I started 22 years ago, but really the core is still there and that's what I love about.

[00:07:59] This job is [00:08:00] that it's really, there's so much, there's something new every single day. No matter what treatments you provide, there really is something new. So, First of all, the beauty industry is all about creativity and self-expression. Whether you are a makeup artist or an institution, or a beauty profession or a sugar pro, you'll have the opportunity to use your artistic skills to help your clients look and feel their best.

[00:08:25] There's nothing quite like the feeling of making someone else feel good, and when you work in the beauty industry, you'll have the chance to do just that every single day. Seeing the smiles on your client's faces and the confidence they gain after their treatments can be incredibly rewarding. You know, this beauty industry is always growing and with it can come opportunities for career advancement.

[00:08:51] Whether you're looking to move up the ladder at your current place of employment, starting your own business, or switching to a different aspect of the industry, the [00:09:00] possibilities are endless, and I can promise you that you absolutely must work as hard as you can and put in your time and pay your dues in the beginning to take your career to the next level.

[00:09:14] There are many jobs in the beauty industry that offer flexible schedules, which can be, like for me, when I was a single mom, I needed that flexible schedule, um, for my family. And whether you're work looking for part-time work, a job that allows you to set your own hours or the ability to work from home, there are many options available.

[00:09:35] And honestly, I can say that this industry has helped. Personal growth. I've learned new techniques, I've honed my skills, and I've had the chance to meet new people and build relationships in ways I never thought that I would have to. To me, my gosh, I have a podcast for gosh sakes. Like, you know, like the opportunities are really endless when you work hard and focus [00:10:00] on your personal growth and pay your dues.

[00:10:02] You're not. Jump into this industry right away and just have a podcast and be, you know, the, the making six figures on your first day. It takes some time. You know, I put in my dues, I mop floors, I folded, I have folded towels. Oh gosh, have I folded towels? Um, but really it's. The personal growth and becoming a business owner, um, be, I was an employee in the beginning.

[00:10:27] I've done solo, I've done it all. I've done a day spot owner, uh, I've been a speaker, I've been all the things right, but the growth that I have gained from each area of this industry has been pretty incredible. Now, depending on your role, working in the beauty industry can be pretty darn lucrative too.

[00:10:44] And with the right training and experience, you can command a good salary and enjoy financial stability like I have for my family. Working in this industry can be a fulfilling and rewarding career choice with opportunities for [00:11:00] creativity, job satisfaction, growth, flexibility, personal growth, financial reward.

[00:11:06] And you know, it's kind of nice to get some free services here and there, but it's no wonder why people are drawn to this dynamic and exciting field. So why not take your first step if you're thinking about getting into the industry and pursue a career? Here because it really, like I said, for myself and so many others in the sweet Success stories, go back and listen to the other podcast episodes called Sweet Success Stories and listen to some of their journeys.

[00:11:34] And you will realize that be being a part of the beauty industry is a choice. I know you won't regret, and your clients will thank you. And of course your wallet will thank you as well. And of course you all know I love to sugar, so let's talk specifically about sugar. In fact, some of our best students learned to body sugar so they could set themselves apart and bring [00:12:00] this skill to their new place of employment.

[00:12:03] So when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, there are plenty of options out there, but I wanna specifically talk about body sugar. Of course, . So I wanted to add this section to the podcast for all those who are intrigued because I know that if you've listened to any of my podcasts before, you will understand that the best choice I ever made in my career was to learn how to body sugar, and it tripled my income.

[00:12:31] So I knew I wanted to help people. I knew I was professional. I knew I as an employee, even first as a student, that I was. Hardworking and dedicated. But when I learned how to body sugar, it just took everything up a hundred notches and made a really big difference in my business. Created customer loyalty.

[00:12:53] Um, like I said, my business increased, tripled, and now I have a f. Staff and uh, [00:13:00] product line, and it's pretty incredible. So the sky is the limit. I can definitely say that. But let's talk really quick about what body sugaring is. If you've kind of been wondering what I've been talking about this whole time, I wanna break it down for you.

[00:13:14] Really simple. It's really just an all natural, ancient technique. I'm sure you all have seen on TikTok and Instagram that beautiful little ball of lemon, sugar and water, and it is quickly gaining popularity in our industry and for good reason. Let's explore the benefits of using body sugaring for hair removal and how it can set you apart in this industry.

[00:13:38] Again, it's a mixture of lemon, sugar, and water. That is used to reduce hair from the roots, unlike waxing, which can be painful and leave behind sticky residue. Body sugar is gentle on the skin and washes away easily. The sugar paste adheres only to the hair and not the skin, which means less irritation and a more [00:14:00] comfortable experience for the client.

[00:14:02] why should you consider offering body sugaring as a hair removal option in your beauty business? Well, here are a few of the benefits. Number one, you've heard me say this. It's all natural. And as the beauty industry moves towards more sustainable and natural options, body sugaring fits right in. The sugar paste is made from all natural ingredients, which means it's gentle on the skin and won't cause irritation or allergic reactions.

[00:14:29] This product is more comfortable for the. Body sugaring is less painful than waxing as the sugar paste doesn't stick to the skin. Plus the pace is applied at body temperature, which means it won't burn or irritate the skin like hot wax can. It is more efficient. Body sugaring removes hair from the roots, which means clients can go longer between treatments than they would with shaving or other hair removal methods.

[00:14:55] This can save them time and money in the long run. It's better for [00:15:00] their skin. It can actually help to improve the texture and tone of the skin over time. The exfoliating action of the sugar paste removes dense skin cells, which can help reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

[00:15:16] And number five, which is my favorite, it's, it sets you apart in the beauty industry. By offering body sugar as a hair removal option, you are setting yourself apart from the competition. This unique, all natural technique is gaining popularity, and by being someone who jumps on the train, you'll position yourself as a leader as well.

[00:15:39] Really, I want you to understand. . If you bring this to, uh, an interview for, for example, if you bring this skill that you have, you will set yourself apart in the interview and really it will provide your clients with a more comfortable, effective, and eco-friendly option. So there's that. But if [00:16:00] you're spot or salon that you're interviewing at, or maybe you already work there, doesn't offer sugaring yet, I want you to introduce it to your manager or the owner of the salon.

[00:16:10] I'm sure they will welcome that you are a creative go-getter, esthetician, and once you educate them, they will be intrigued to add these services to their treatment menus. So what I love as an owner of my shop is when my staff comes to me and says, Hey, we found something really cool that we think that our clients will love.

[00:16:29] Let's talk about incorporating this in the treatment menu. So if you already know how to sugar, you can help the manager or the owner of the salon bring body sugaring into your place of business. Number one. Again, you look like that go-getter, creative. Employee team member. And number two, you can help train your colleagues so that you can bring this in and add it to the treatment menu.

[00:16:56] And to be honest, your clients, it's a great way to [00:17:00] introduce them to you and your style and to gain trust. Because if you don't burn them and you provide an amazing experience, they're going to be curious as to what else you can do. So imagine if you're going to someone. You're thinking about, Ugh, you wanna get your brows done, and you're thinking in your mind, oh, I'm gonna go get them waxed.

[00:17:19] What if your esthetician was to educate you on sugaring and how much better it is for the skin and how it's hot, not hot, and it will never burn? You imagine you have that sugaring done and you think to yourself, oh wow, that wasn't bad at all. I actually, my skin didn't break out. It wasn't hot. It didn't lift my skin.

[00:17:39] And now you might have better trust for. Esthetician and you might think, okay, well what else does she know? And maybe you can do, lead into doing a facial or a facial treatment on them. And it really does kind of just ease your client's concerns about whether or not you are the best in the business. It helps [00:18:00] to ease your client's concerns and helps to lead them towards other things and other products that they recommend for you to do for your skin.

[00:18:07] So that is if you are in the customer, You know, viewpoint, but if you are someone who has an esthetician and you're really wondering how to set yourself apart, that's what I did. Go back and listen to the episode about how sugar saved my life. And I will tell you that when I used sugar to set myself apart in my area, it is the best thing.

[00:18:29] And number one marketing thing that I did for my business was using body sugar to help clients to understand they could trust. So I hope this has been of help to you. I want you to know, Choosing to be an employee. Choosing that path in the beauty industry is actually a great decision because someone else is worrying about how to keep the lights on.

[00:18:52] Someone else is worrying about, you know, how to make sure the laundry gets all done or the, the. Workman's comp is [00:19:00] handled. That's not your, that's not your deal. You just get to show up, be the most amazing esthetician you can be. Products are available to you, and you can really provide your clients with the most amazing service and not have to worry about all that business stuff.

[00:19:15] So I actually. Absolutely adore our staff. I absolutely adore being an employee. I loved being an employee, and I think it's a really smart idea for a lot of you to choose that route just so that you don't have any extra responsibility or stress on your hands. So I hope that this was a great episode for you, that this was of help.

[00:19:35] And as always, I hope you have a fabulously sweet week, and I looked forward to seeing you live and in person for a giant. Sometime very soon.