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Lets Talk Men

March 12, 2023 Shannon "The Sugar Mama" O'Brien Episode 71
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Lets Talk Men
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Wanna know the secret to increasing your sugaring or skincare business by 50 new clients easily?

Sugaring isn’t just for the girls anymore! All humans can want a smooth chest, back, or Brazilian or polished brows.

So whether you’re marketing to clients who identify as male, are transitioning, or anywhere in between - it’s time we changed our perspective on who our ideal sugaring or skincare client is!


  • How the rise of social media has helped men embrace their self-care side.
  • What a huge difference YOU can make as an esthetician working with a client in a transitional period of their life.
  • The difference education, perspective, and a little TLC can make both in your business and in your male-identifying client’s life!

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If you’ve connected with or been inspired by this episode in any way, leave us a review and let us know your biggest takeaway - I’d love to hear how you embrace Sugaring For All!! And while you've got your phone out, make sure to follow us on Instagram @Love2Sugar.

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[00:00:00] Shannon O'Brien: Do you wanna increase your skincare or sugaring business by 50 new clients easily? It is possible if you think about men. Yep. I'm talking about men friends, whether you are sugaring, a male client, someone iden, who identifies as male. Or someone who is transitioning. Sugar is a beautiful option to get that skin smooth and you don't have to sugar down their air quotes.

[00:00:27] But you do need to offer services for all humans. Think eyebrows necks, backs. Men have hair removal needs too, so let's get into it. Welcome to this sugar show. I'm Shannon O'Brien, body sugaring expert and licensed esthetician who's taken my own skincare business from zero to multiple six figures and has helped over 3000 students learn how to do the same.

[00:00:51] Now, let me tell you, it wasn't all that long ago that I lacked the time, budget, and knowledge needed to grow my small business as a body sugar and pro. [00:01:00] If we were to press rewind, you'd see the many failed attempts and lessons learned that have helped me build the profitable business that I have today.

[00:01:07] One that runs on its own and gives me the lifestyle and freedom that I only used to dream of. I created the Sugar Show to hand you my secrets and give you the simple step by step strategies to help you do the. So if you're a cosmetologist or esthetician or wax professional who's looking to fill your books, make more money in your business and enjoy greater balance between your work and home life, you are in the right place.

[00:01:35] Let's dive in.

[00:01:48] For this episode, I am going to refer to men and males. Take the term as you like. The results are the same. Sugar is a safe way to remove hair from anyone. [00:02:00] Welcome back to The Sugar Show. I am your host Chen Sugar Mama, and I love, love, love, love, love to talk about men and boys. I have three sons, myself who are grown men, and I know that they love to get their eyebrows.

[00:02:17] Um, any stray hair sugared, uh, and they love that we can do that for them in a very safe way. Now, let's talk about men in general. In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in the way men view skincare, and we've seen it on TikTok and Instagram and Facebook. And while it's once been seen as a predominantly female thing, men are now taking a more proactive approach to their skincare.

[00:02:45] With many embracing the benefits of quality skincare, finally, and more curious as to how they can take advantage of all the info that's out there for them. Now, this trend is obviously driven by a number of factors. [00:03:00] And as I said, first, the rise of social media and the internet has given, you know, men more access to information about skincare and products.

[00:03:08] They are bombarded on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, you know, just like we were as women, men are increasingly looking to online resources and communities. To learn about new products and techniques and to connect with other men who can share their interest in skincare. So it's a little bit more in the down low for guys, but I would definitely say that they are interested.

[00:03:33] They're looking and they're asking. Now there is a growing awareness of self importance of skincare and mental health has also played a role. Men are beginning to see the benefits of taking care of their skin, not just for its aesthetic value, but for their sense of wellbeing. And by investing time and money into their skincare routine, men are able to feel more confident, refreshed, and rejuven.[00:04:00] 

[00:04:00] And then you know, we've been hearing for a while the rise of the metrosexual man who has contributed to this trend. Men are no longer afraid to express themselves through fashion, grooming, personal style, and this includes taking care of their skin. The idea that only women should be concerned with their appearance is becoming increasingly outdated, and men are embracing a more modern and inclusive approach.

[00:04:27] It's important to note that hair removal can be a deeply personal decision for men, women, and transgender, non-binary. What, however you identify it's a, it's a personal decision and there's no one right way to approach it. Some people may choose to embrace their body hair as part of their identity, while others may opt for more permanent, so, Whatever their approach, it is important to help them find a method that feels comfortable and affirming, and I find that they are happy to know that sugaring is high on the list [00:05:00] of options.

[00:05:01] Now, let's just think about the fact that really quick, if you, if your client is considering hair removal as part of their transition, which is really new for a lot of statisticians to kind of. It is critical no matter who your client is, to educate them on the benefits of sugar. And as always, it may be helpful for them to seek out advice of a dermatologist, their doctor, um, and of course you are gonna help educate and guide them to making the right decision.

[00:05:32] Okay. I know that, uh, you know, as aestheticians, we are not comfortable sugaring certain body parts on certain humans. Uh, but I will tell you that those are not the only services that you can offer and you need to be mindful. So let's just talk about. Some benefits of body sugaring in general for those of you that are new to the show or body sugaring, you know, let's talk about the benefits of body [00:06:00] sugaring for hair removal, and then we're gonna get into a little more advanced stuff.

[00:06:02] So, as sugar professionals know, sugar is gentler on the skin. And unlike waxing, which can strip the skin of it's natural oils and cause irritation, sugaring is gentle and nourish. The sugar pace is less likely to cause skin, redness or swelling, and is beneficial for people with sensitive. It's less painful.

[00:06:24] Now, I will say waxing can be incredibly painful depending on the, obviously the technician and sugaring inherently is less painful if done properly. As you know, I'm all about proper education, so with sugar, the past is applied in the same direction as hair growth, reducing the risk of injury or. And a lot of men associate hair removal and waxing with the, like the movie, the 40 Year Old Virgin with Steve Corll, where he yells Kelly Clarkson during his wax treatment.

[00:06:58] I get that all the time. Like, am I gonna. [00:07:00] Screen Kelly Clarkson, when you sugar me, Shannon, and the answer is no, because I know how to sugar people safely, efficiently, and with less pain for them. So definitely a less painful option if the practitioner is well educated, which of course if you are a student of ours, you are now, as we know, it's all natural.

[00:07:18] It's just lemon, sugar, and water. Depending on the past you use, sometimes they sugar companies, professional sugar companies will just use sugar and water. Depends on the recipe, but it's always natural. And the thing is, it's. Always used from ingredients that you don't have to worry about putting harsh chemicals on the skin.

[00:07:39] So clients are really actually pleased to know that it's not hot, it's less painful, and it's all natural, which are three ways of course, that, you know, it's gonna sound better to them, even, even just by mentioning those things. Now for us, it's less messy as, uh, skincare professionals with. Strips and sticks and all of [00:08:00] that, it's easier to control.

[00:08:01] It definitely takes some practice. And you know, that sugar paste is just applied very gently on the skin, and if you get it anywhere, it just wipes up with water and a washcloth. So for us, it's a greater option as far as less mass. And in general, sugar is long lasting and it doesn't require daily upkeep like, like shaving.

[00:08:23] and it's also really a beautiful way to keep the skin hair free and smooth for much longer. So now that you know all the benefits of sugar, cuz you know I love to plug me some sugar paste. Let's talk about, let's get back to talking about our guys. Okay. And really, I think there's a lot of estheticians that say, oh, I don't sugar men, I don't sugar guys, I don't sugar transgender.

[00:08:49] I don't understand, I don't sugar all that. What I want to say to you is that there are more things that you can do for humans to sugar them than [00:09:00] just genitals. Okay? So if you're scared to market to men, because you might have to do that, like all you have to do is be mindful that if you set clear boundaries, you can sugar any.

[00:09:14] It's just skin and hair and sugar removes it. So I want you to take a look at your treatment menu if you're a skincare pro or a sugar pro, and take a look at what hair removal options are you offering your male clients. Now, I know that we're getting away from offering male and female treatments, but really take a look at, you know, are you marketing to men?

[00:09:41] or are you scared to market to them for fear that they might actually look? Okay, now let's go back to my original statement, and if you are looking to increase your clientele, I want you to think about inviting men into your treatment room. [00:10:00] Ask your clients to bring a male friend or someone who you might not normally have thought to sugar.

[00:10:06] You can sugar transgender males and females. You can sugar non-bar binary. Anyone. You can sugar them. It is safe for all. So let's just think about this. If you have a hundred clients, say for the sake of this example, let's say half of. Bring you a male partner or even a male friend. Maybe it's not their husband, their partner, their spouse.

[00:10:30] Maybe it's just a male friend of theirs. Encouraging that partner to come in and try sugaring will bring you potentially 50 new clients if just half of them brought a friend. Okay. Heck, even if only half of those brought in a friend that's 25 new instant. Even if it just starts as the hair between their eyebrows or the hair on their ears or their noses or the nap of their neck, they will get to know you and feel [00:11:00] comfortable with you.

[00:11:01] And that might lead to sugaring, necks, cheeks, getting that, that beard line, tight backs legs or arms. If you are not comfortable, sugaring bits in air quotes, . If you're not comfortable in sugaring down there, you don't have to. But don't count out your male clientele and forget that they have other body parts that you can sugar.

[00:11:26] Or if you are sugaring males, don't forget they have other areas that grow lots of hair. You know, so if you're sugaring their Brazil, Offer to do their nose, their eyebrows again, their beard line, their the name of their neck. So many opportunities to remove hair that you might not have even thought about as it relates to men.

[00:11:49] What I love of most about our meal clients is that they are loyal As skincare professionals, we know that the key to building a successful business is [00:12:00] cultivating a loyal customer base and for men. This loyalty is tied to finding a trusted skincare business that offers quality products and services.

[00:12:11] Men are committed to taking care of their skin and they appreciate a business that takes the time to get to know their individual needs and offers personalized solutions like us women have been knowing for all these years, the kind of attention to detail that helps build trust and establish long-term relationships with no clients.

[00:12:31] Taking your hair removal skills to the next level, getting certified in sugaring will help to build that trust and loyalty. So if you can, for example, get one of your male clients, maybe one of the new clients, to just try the middle in between his eyebrows. Maybe just clean up those eyebrows. We're not gonna perfectly shake them like a female, it's a brow cleanup for them.

[00:12:54] Maybe they have, um, you know, ears that are crazy hairy or nose hair that they can't stand. [00:13:00] We can sugar all of that and. If you think about it, in addition to offering quality products and services like Sugaring, it's, it's really important to understand. You can then offer them facials. You can then offer them skincare because they will really actually feel as though.

[00:13:18] You are a trusted and respected ally in their desire to have that friend that go-to person that can answer all of their skincare means. So by just sugaring the middle of a guy's eyebrows, you can actually open the doors to a whole new amount of clients and a clientele that will come back again and again and be loyal to you, their person.

[00:13:43] Men really love a sense of community around their business. So if you can host an event or workshop that educate men on their skincare and the benefits of self-care, that would be great too. Now, we have a whole host of men that want nothing to do with a giant group. They wanna [00:14:00] slide in and slide out and just heavy.

[00:14:02] You sugar them real fast and not let anyone know they're. There is a giant population of those men as well, and I really want you to be mindful of what you are offering so all of the humans that come into your space feel welcome. Take a look around your shop or your treatment room. Does everyone feel comfortable in there or does it look like a Barbie Dream house?

[00:14:27] You know, some men and even women aren't comfortable with that. Think about if there's a way that you can adjust your decor or your messaging so all people don't feel like they've walked into a super girly space, or maybe there's a lot of fluffy flowers and, and girly things that, and nothing that caters to men.

[00:14:52] If you are not addressing your male clientele, you are missing out on doubling your business. I mean, it's that [00:15:00] simple, really. Men, women. Non-binary. All of them should be coming into your. And this is not an episode on, uh, transgender or bi non-binary or anything to do with, uh, heterosexual, homosexual. It doesn't matter.

[00:15:16] We're talking about humans and ask yourself if you have marketed to all humans, and it could be just as simple as toning down the pink and the flowers, and if you're a pink and a flowers kind of place, maybe. Think about how men could feel more comfortable in your space as well. Offer some male skin care, offer some um, services to them that they would feel comfortable walking into your space.

[00:15:43] Okay? Remember, this is your business, and adjusting to the changing landscape of our world today is so critical to your success. So sticking to that decor that's super, super pink and [00:16:00] super girly and super mom driven, you really might need to lighten your hold on that message. And in order to not alienate a large part of our community, now you need to make sure that you're really taking a look at your business in general and asking how you can soften it a bit with the All Girl Squad type mentality.

[00:16:22] If you're creative and supportive and inclusive of all humans, you really can help people to feel more comfortable and confident in their skincare, skincare routine, and their hair removal treatments. I mean, really this is an intimate thing, and if you never, ever sugar. Down there, down south, the bits, whatever you wanna call 'em, and all you're doing is maybe from the shoulders up.

[00:16:53] You're alienating men if you don't offer services to them. So ask your current [00:17:00] clients, you know, Hey, I'd love to sugar your husband's. Maybe have a day where you offer, uh, buy one, get one eyebrows. You know, uh, maybe you have, uh, couples nights. And guys really do wanna get those, that hair removed. They want it to be natural and not purple glitter.

[00:17:19] They want it to not be hot and hurt them. They want it to be something that is less painful and simple and really sugaring answers all of that. Okay? It's the gateway to getting them in the door. I want you to realize that this sense of loyalty and dedication that men will have to your business will potentially double your sales.

[00:17:47] No joke. They're looking to you for the answers. So in summary, I wanna say reach out to your guys. Encourage your current clients to bring a friend. Use the opportunity to promote your [00:18:00] services on socials that will attract men. That will really attract all humans. So soften the pink a little bit, maybe with some brown.

[00:18:12] Maybe with some, maybe pink and black, maybe different shades of pink that are a little bit softer and less bubble gum. And if you're somebody who's listening to this who has an all pink studio, I am not against pink at all. I love pink. I love spring colors. I love soft feminine touches, blushes, neutrals.

[00:18:31] I love all that. I just want you to ask. Would a guy feel comfortable? Maybe even bring a few of your guy friends in, or your masculine women friends in and say, okay, how can I soften, soften this a little bit so that your friends would want to come in here because I'm missing out on sugaring, all of you.

[00:18:52] And if you're worried about offering services to men in general, just offer the service. Offer rouse lip [00:19:00] chin, uh, Brazilian. Don't call it a zillion and a female Brazilian. Just call it a Brazilian. And if you do not want to sugar male genitalia, just set your boundaries with what you offer. Make sure you're very clear that you're just, maybe you say to your, to your clientele, Hey, I sugar.

[00:19:20] All humans faces, backs, legs, arms, when it comes to down there. I only sugar women cuz that's what I'm trained. Because if you're not trained on sugaring men, you absolutely should not be sugaring male genitalia if you are not trained properly. And of course we have that inside the sugar tribe if you wanna get trained properly.

[00:19:41] And there's a lot of really great hands-on trainers that can help you as well, uh, with how to do that. So we are here for you in all aspects, but set your boundaries. Don't exclude men or non-bar binary folks just because you don't understand or you don't know or you haven't thought [00:20:00] about it. This is that nudge to include your men, to make sure that they are smooth and have access to our amazing hair removal technique, which is sugaring.

[00:20:11] And we absolutely encourage you. And I wanna start seeing your socials. I wanna see your socials, uh, really becoming more. So that you're not limiting yourself, I promise you. And I wanna hear from you what, let me see. Like tag, love to sugar Tag. Love to sugar in your Instagram and, and let's do a duet together.

[00:20:32] I would love to take a look at what you're doing to make sure that you attract all kinds of humans into your treatment room and that my friends, is the key to sweet success.