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The SugarShow: S2E22 The Mental Side of Sugaring PLUS Bonus!

December 20, 2020 Shannon "The SugarMama" Season 2 Episode 22
The Sugar Show
The SugarShow: S2E22 The Mental Side of Sugaring PLUS Bonus!
Show Notes

Spend some time with your host, Shannon the SugarMama where she dives into the mental side of being a sugaring professional.  In this episode, she guides you through understanding that once you shut that treatment room door, sugaring is more than just your technique it encompasses all of the senses for your clients.  Clients tend to open up and dump their emotions into the room...and YOU need to know how to not absorb those emotions.

Shannon helps you to understand how to create not only a safe and calm space for your clients...but for YOUR mental state as well.  The senses matter to US!!!

Take this time to stop and start your day of service with some calming take your vibration from all around the room to focus on you.

When you can center your thoughts and focus on what is in front of you, you can fully be present for your clients and your business.

In between clients, it will benefit you SO MUCH MORE to take a moment to ground EVERY TIME.  A few moments will change the entire pace of your day.

You will feel better.

Your clients will FEEL you feel better and grounded.

Anything your clients need, facial, sugar, lashes...YOU are going to be calm, focused, and positive and will get it in return.

For those who have taken the time to listen to this podcast, I have created an audio recording for you to reset yourself before you invite your next client into your room.  Before you dust on that powder, put on that nitrile glove, or slide that sugar out of the jar…

This gift is for you...and will directly benefit not only those around you...but I promise you will see a shift in your business success as well.  

Sugar and Soul Serenity Audio File

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