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What to Know About a Trademark for Your Business

May 16, 2021 Shannon "The SugarMama" Season 3 Episode 9
The Sugar Show
What to Know About a Trademark for Your Business
Show Notes

Have you taken the necessary steps to make sure your sugar business is protected with the appropriate trademark?  We want to help estheticians, cosmetologists, sugaring professionals and beauty babes feel confident knowing that the brand they are building is available and protected, so you can sleep at night knowing that you don’t have to be afraid of a cease and desist letter.

In this episode of The Sugar Show, SugarMama Shannon O’Brien sits down with her legal guide, Joey Vitale, to discuss the importance of doing due diligence on your brand before you spend years building it.  You’ll learn why the trademark research is a crucial first step, and things to watch out for when you are starting your trademark journey.   


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“Applying for a trademark is the best way to make sure that your brand is available and not stepping on anybody else's toes. So yes, it costs money to file this application. But it's a win win either way, because either you know that it's available and you're protecting it, or you're learning that it's not available.” (15:03)

“Trademarks help you create a powerful brand” (17:36)

“The most valuable part of what you can pay a trademark attorney to do for you, is not the application. It's running a strong search, and then being strategic on how to fill out the application based on that search.” (25:08)

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