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The Sugar Show Ep 13: How Sugaring Saved My Life

August 08, 2021 Shannon "The SugarMama" Season 3 Episode 13
The Sugar Show
The Sugar Show Ep 13: How Sugaring Saved My Life
Show Notes

The Sugar Show Ep 13: How Sugaring Saved My Life

Host: Shannon Sophia, The SugarMama®


In 2009, host Shannon Sophia had just gone through a divorce, sold her Lake Tahoe day spa and moved to a new city with her two boys as a single mom. She set up a small skin care studio and was in the midst of creating a new client base when the recession hit, and suddenly many of her clients were no longer able to justify including beauty services in their weekly or even monthly routines.

However, Shannon began to notice a trend: while she lost the majority of her facial clients, her hair removal clients stayed. But how was she supposed to set herself apart from the many other hair removal specialists in her area? Suddenly, it all clicked! The answer was sugaring. 

At the time, Shannon had only taken an intro to body sugaring class and was, to be quite honest, terrible at it. However, she wholeheartedly dedicated herself to perfecting her craft by focusing on her sugar ball and practicing on family and friends. Once she began offering sugaring services at her studio, she quickly met every revenue goal she has set for herself and now can’t imagine doing hair removal any other way!

Tune into this week’s episode of The Sugar Show to hear more about the Sugar Mama’s sugaring journey! Learn about the “why” behind Shannon’s business, how she sets herself apart from her competition, and why sugaring has given her a way to not only find personal success, but also to help others thrive.


  • “I had just recently gotten my little kit, I was practicing and practicing and practicing, and I started working on models. I got to a place where even my friends were saying, ‘Dang, Shan, this sugar is so much better than wax!’ And that’s when everything changed, and I confidently added body sugaring to my menu. And I haven’t looked back.” (4:09-4:35)
  • “With facials, we try to stay quiet and provide a relaxing experience, but with hair removal, I really had a chance to get to know each and every client…. And by listening and creating this safe space of trust and connection, I have saved marriages, helped encourage strength, planned weddings and even funerals. The aestheticians who have come onto my team have been able to build their careers and watch their financial dreams become a reality. It’s been a shift that I never ever expected.” (6:01-6:36)
  • “My ‘why,’ I realized, is to teach others how I survived, to get out of my comfort zone of facials and wax and do the thing that my clients didn’t even know they needed, which was a much better way to smooth their skin.” (7:36-7:51)


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